Let’s Talk about it

Today I will be discussing letter #1 more on a personal note.

Letter #1 is title Why? It was at this moment in time I and my family was going through so much that I did not have the faith that God was still there. I gave up all the faith and hope that I needed to get through any trial. I could not believe what was happening and how often it was happening. By the time I would try to get over one thing truly there was something else. I had never cried as much as I had doing this time and wondering, why God are we going through so much right now? What where we doing wrong? I was not able to focus on these problems until now. And this is what I have learned.

1) I have lost my relationship with God.

2) I was to busy focusing on my problem and not trusting God.

3) My faith should have been more stronger rather than weaker.

4) I should have never stop praying no matter what the situation was and trusted God.

There is so much more I could write but I will leave it right here.

please buy the book 100 Letters to God: My Christian Journey in Jesus Christ. It’s on Amazon.

so we can go more in-depth.

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