Let’s Talk About it

Letter 78:

Dear God,

If I am to have an honest relationship with You, I must confess all my sins because I want to feel Your presence very near in my soul. I want to do this because I am tired of being sick and tired. My mind is my worst enemy, and it needs some spiritual healing from You. God, yes I am tired of these ups and downs in my life and they must end. My faith walk should be much more potent, but right now; it is not. If I ever took advantage of anyone, hurt anyone, ever been dishonest, or simply not owning up to my faults, forgive me, please. I cannot explain how I feel getting these sins off my chest, but it does take a load off my mind, and it feels spectacular in my soul today. God, Thank You for allowing me to confess myself to You. Please continue to cover me with the abundance of Your love, trust, understanding, kindness, and faith upon this lost child of God. I promise I will live right in the Lord’s eye site to be a better me. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Sincerely Yours, MDR

Ok, let’s talk about this letter it is one of the 100 I had written. I believe in this letter I was trying to search my soul for all the imperfections I was dealing and on what level I was treating people and acknowledging my wrongdoing to Jesus Christ

whom will be the one to judge me accordingly.

Now let’s talk about how you felt after reading this letter, please leave your comments.

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