Finding Myself Worth

I never had the confidence in my life like am having at this moment. I was always putting myself down, I did not think I was worth the time to be born, women seem to look better than I, dress better than I, or simply seemed more accomplished than I. But today sitting here feeling excited about where I am headed because I have found my self worth and it is a spectacular moment because I found ME and the feeling is beyond words. It all has started with a goal I started and completed, it has shown me all these years of feeling uncertain about myself they buried in my failures and refusing to let go. But on this day not only I am confident, I am somebody and myself worth does not come from looking at others success but it comes from building my own. So today I truly thank God for showing me I am worthy and my confidence is bold, beautiful, and incredible. So, Glad I found me and it feels tremendous.

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