My Birthday

I have always been excited about my birthday and if I had my way it would be a national holiday. I would have fireworks, food to feed about 1000 guest, a music group that would play into the wee hours of the morning. But since I can not have that I will celebrate it with my family and close friends that means a lot to me. This year I want it to be colorful and special. I want a lot of balloons, drinks, and food. I want to feel as if the world has stop at my feet. It’s on August 27 and I plan on celebration until that Monday, each day I want to do something and I am trying to do my book signing on the 27th if I can do a social distance. But no matter what my birthday is special to me and always have been I get excited about it like a 5 year. I have the childish attitude when it comes to my birthday because every year I live to get older is a blessing from my heavenly Father that I just can not take for granted. I just want everyone to know I love my birthday.

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