Be Bold and Brilliant

Photo by Timothy Paule II on Pexels.com

When I start writing my first book I thought I had it all together. I realize after being half thru my book something was missing, the characters just did not fit with the story, I could not complete the book because of this, so I gave up and then a few a few years later I tried to write again and that book seem to work for me. I based it on my walk in Jesus Christ something a little more personal. I had to discovery my boldness to tell such a story and then I had to have a brilliant mind to put it all together. So guess what? It has paid off my book went live on July 10,2020 and to date I have sold over 100 copies. I had to have the boldness to write such a personal book and at the same time be brilliant with the flow of my story and yes it has paid off. Thank You God.

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