Success is like the stages of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly

You first have to realize it will consist of failures, discouragement, uncertainties, and they will to complete that dream.

Then you have to put it all in one idea praying it will turn out the way one visualize.

You have to start the physical part of that success such as being told you are out of your mind, that will never happen for you, why are you wasting time, money, and energy on some that will not work? And the worse of these is doubting your own success.

Then you began to see some success in your goal when you erase all the above from your mind- now that caterpillar is hanging upside down for a tremendous change and so are you.

Then one day you wake up and that caterpillar that was hanging upside has now turned into that beautiful butterfly.

Here is where you see your own self worth, we may never know how long it took for that caterpillar to change unless we study them, but now can see the change.

So our success is just like that caterpillar over time and with hard work and determination we can change our goals to success but it truly is a day by day process.

Photo by RAVI RAYMOND on Pexels.com

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