The Sights of Blue

Good Evening everyone, today I chose to pick the color blue as my topic and whit that being said, most think of the word blue as a depressing word, but today I want you to observe the following picture and tell me how they make you feel. I will start first 1my attention was drawn on how the blue really stood out on each picture, then I felt a calming feeling like it was some where I wanted to be to take in all of this beauty. Picture #1 I can just hear nature singing at while at the edge of the river. Picture #2 I can smell the open ocean with my feet dangling from a boat. Picture #3 I can hear the waves as they continue to move back and forth while they soothe my soul. Picture # 4 me and my friends riding the river and open skies to relax in the moment.

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I am a mother, wife, and grandmother, I truly enjoy the simple things in life such as birdwatching, spending time on the computer ,and love being around my family. My true passion is writing and it gives me to express myself when I verbally can not express what is deep inside me.

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