Mountain Movers

Today I will discussing my title Mountain Movers and why it is so important to me. I first want you to take time and look at each of these pictures and then take a moment to think about when one of your life circumstances would remind you of one of these pictures. I will say the last one had reminded me of my life trials in 2019. In life we know there will be trials and tribulations, well I will say last year I had a triple dose of each, it was like I would get through one thing and before I could breathe another situation would arise, I felt like giving up, I was wandering where was God and how could my life be like this. I cried so much that I felt like things where never going to change. My life was like this picture, the dark lonely mountain, as if the lights were turned off on me but what I see in this picture is something I did not see during 2019 was the glimmer of lights. If I had paid attention to the glimmers of light during my trials I might have had a better outcome. So to get back to my subject Mountain Movers is how I feel when I look at my life today because of God I was able to move some mountains out of my way. They were the mountains of self-doubt, fear, low-self esteem, courage, lack of confidence, trusting God was always ahead of me. I had to move these mountains and try climbing the new ones God has for me strong, beautiful, strength, goal-setter, mind-changer, go-getter, and most of all a child of God so now I see my life like the picture with the waterfall it represents a new beginning, refresh look at my life, a start for accepting whom I am. Yes, I am glad 2019 brought me those dark mountains because God has supplied me with the waterfall mountain

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