My Overflow:

I want to start this topic about my overflow and it is not about material possessions it is the discover of my own self-worth. It started very slow like this third picture I did not see the beauty that was within myself, I often look at other people lives and wished the same for myself. But I had to discovery who I was and would I be willingly to put in the work to discovery my overflow. So I decided one day no matter what any one says I am going to find me and what makes me successful so I became like the first picture; I find my overflow and how powerful it was and like this picture once it started I continue to flow with my dreams, goals, self-esteem and yes my very own beauty so I push on everyday to maintain that overflow. When I finally completed my book I became like the third picture I could see the overflow and rainbow by completing this goal and book my life is full of beautiful opportunities and I am working hard at it. So here I am filled with goals, hardworking, determined, non stopping, mind-setter, accomplished, independent, won’t let anyone tell me I can’t, determined to show others what God has done for me and thru me it can be yours so now I feel like my last picture full of life, love, determination and to always be me. I have my overflow of life and right now I am happy.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Yes and that’s what God wants for us! An overflow and no not just with material things.. All across the board


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