Family a gift from God not to be taken lightly. Yes, there will be disagreements, maybe a physical fight, most definitely some backstabbing, and yes some will even will stop speaking so this is the down of family. But let me tell you about my family no we are not rich nor was we born with a silver spoon, yes our houses are small and we don’t have the latest designs. We have hearts big as the sun, our love strong as the mountains, our faith sees us through many obstacles. When we laugh the whole world hears it but when we cry we come together as one. Our bond can not be broken, our love is our richness. The memories we share can last a lifetime and when you see us laughing we just put the joy back in life. No my family is not perfect and we have experience both sides of the good, bad, and the ugly but we remain strong because we are family. So to my family my gift from God know this I love you all and sleep peacefully in heaven mom.

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