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I am one determine 57 year old woman to first make my life shine like the stars by increase my self-confidence, trust, love, push myself to the limits, and not be occupied with other people success. Because one thing I have learned this past year if I put my mind to it, it can be mines. I will no longer sit in pity, but I will take my stand and fight for what I want. I will no longer see the next person as a threat, but I will see my self as determined as ever by putting my best foot forward. I have learned that I was my own enemy to afraid to step put and see me succeeding, not even realizing it has been there all the time. I am determine my joy comes from me and me alone. God has lead me to this point in my life where I can look at myself and be the best He has made me to be. I am determine that I am somebody with the ability to be the best me I can be. I refuse to let my fears tell me I am not worth the fight. I am determine that my success will not be made by monetary value, but it will be the spiritual. It has taken me many years to fit into this position I am in now, when I say my confidence is through the roof, that God I have it. Because I have learned I was my worst enemy. Be determine to be you and don’t let your now destination say this is how you will end up. Be determine that your now situation is paving the road of greatness for you. Determination and confidence is how I Michelle D. Reed-Fitz will conquer this world. Look out world here I come.

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