You must believe in what you write.


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Whether it is a hand written letter, a poem, a book, or a blog some part of you must believe in what you are writing. I believe that is why we write because of the thoughts and ideas that are in our heart and mind. We want the world to know what we believe and how we are feeling. So it starts with that one thought, it then turns into a word, that then turns into a paragraph that ends up being our story. What we believe and how it is written down depends on the individual and their way of expression. I believe that I am a child of God so most of my writing tends to be spiritual because that is what I believe in. So if you ever read any of my post somewhere I will mention God. Because if had not been for Him I would not be able to write on this subject. Like most writers it all starts with an idea, then words, and then a story that has happen to us along this life journey. Don’t take writing for granted because there is truth somewhere behind that story.

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  1. Dilip says:

    Yes we must believe in what we write only then can the emotions flow out to the reader. 😳

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