Hard work should be promoted

With God the impossible becomes possible


I know many may be tired of seeing me promote my book. But I was told if you work hard on something its deserves recognition. Ladies and gentlemen I am not trying to bore you or be boastful. But what I am trying to do is show if you believe in something so bad and suffer the consequences to make it happen then yes, it is worth all the work. You all may have seen the cover or read the book but what one does not see is the hard work behind the scene. I had written this exact book before and it was a complete flop I had only sold about 10 copies but today I have sold well beyond that. I just wanted to quit, I asked myself why are you even trying? How is it one person can do something and accomplished it? Lord, why am I being stopped at every angle? Just when I thought I had it right something else would go wrong. I even got to a period when I simply stopped for a couple of weeks. The closer I came to my dream the farther it felt. I asked myself does this dream mean anything to you and if it does don’t stop now. So I got back to work and pushed myself through the long nights, the do-overs, all you can do this, picking the right design and finally getting the formatting right to finish this dream. I know this was a goal from God because I was truly being tested on every end. So when you hear me mention my book please don’t take it as me being boastful but think about the committed I made to complete this goal thru my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom it all belongs to. This is my dream and believe me I am joyful for me and the ability to live my dream. So don’t let nothing stop you, put your best foot forward and make it happen because you deserve it and you can achieved it also.

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