My True Supporter and Husband:

I have made about 72+ blogs since I started this project and I have spoken on a lot of subjects that I really enjoyed sharing with you all and to give you all a small peak into my life but today I want to change up a little and tell you about the young man you see in these picture. He is my husband and one of my greatest supporters in all I do. I can not mention my book without first mentioning my husband. He has been by my side through every step. He has watch my get upset, press on, stop, get frustrated, talk to myself, and talk to my computer as if it could talk back, he watched me as I completed this book with gratitude, and listen to me now matter how many times I would call him. He is my strength, my laughing partner, he is teaching me to be patient, how to overcome difficult times, he has watched me cry over and over, he has been my strong shoulder to lean on. I love him in ways I can not count. So I want to honor my husband Henry Fitz Jr., in this blog today. I love his smile, go get it attitude, the ability to understand me, how to keep me focus on God, how to live I mean really live life. I love my husband and it shows in each of these pictures. Married on Feb 13, 2019 it has been 1yr and six months but I tell you I love this journey we are traveling. Thanks to my husband, friend, great supporter, my browneyes, and my laughing partner. From your wife Michelle D. Reed-Fitz.

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