To My Sisters:

Good Evening my sisters whether you are black, brown, white or other. I want us to lift each other up, because some of you may be going through something and you just need to know some does care. I am that person this world is filled with so much hate and separation that we can not concentrate on all the goodness arounds us. Some of us are depress, anxious, feeling separated, confused, parenting alone, or parenting with someone who is not on the same page as you. Well today for just a few moments I want you to feel my love, kindness, prayers and all the encouragement that you may need to fill compassion. Look up and see the beauty of another caring sister, open your arms and accept that hug, smile for just a moment knowing I am smiling right back at you. My sister whatever you are going through just believe I am here for you. Let’s reach out to each and make a change for the better because we are in this together, let’s pull each other up and show how we can build a better unity for our sisterhood. Believe this we can not make it in this world alone we need each other on every level. Because in reality no one is greater than the other. Come on sisters lets spread our love around from every corner of this universe and lets make this STRONG SISTERS TOGETHER. Love you all reach out and grab some.

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