Happyme5763: That is what I have become over the last year when I learned that I can be happy and should be happy. Most of my days was spent on reflecting on others lives and not being satisfied with my self. But once I learned to be me and that being happy was okay I find a Michelle who can now be happy with her self. I know there are some many people who feel this way or felt this way but we must learn to find our own happiness, not that kind that make others happy but what really makes you happy. I thought if I tried to make someone else happy then my happiness would come but that is not right. I had to find ME and what I like and did not like, what got my wheels turning when no one else was around. How did I make me happy, what do I like about myself, What goals have I set for myself? Which direction do I want to go in? You must ask yourself these same questions. What is my happiness and how do I bring it to the surface. I say look in the mirror and see who you really are and start there. The one lesson I have learned if I am not happy with me how will I make some one else happy.

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