Happy Me 5763

So Far Away

Photo by Swapnil Sharma on Pexels.com

Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh, how do I need thee! How does my soul long for Jesus? Oh, God in heaven I seek You and yet I can not find Thee? Why does God feel so far from me? My yearning grows stronger every day; God’s spirit, I do not acquire. I don’t understand the distance between You and I. Oh my heavenly Father, where are You? If I stretch my hand forth, will the Lord reach from heavens and grasp mines? When I call upon your name, will You lend me Your ear and hear my cries? I f I run towards my Savior? Will you welcome me? Oh my God, where are You? I need Jesus so much at this particular time in my life and please do not ignore my call, my heart won’t rest until I can hear from You. Please, God, answer me for Your child requires her Father’s company. Tell me the meeting point; I will be there without delay. I will drop everything at this moment just to feel You. God, my day just won’t be completed unit I have felt You. Tell me how to reach You? Is it through prayer, mediation, fasting or reading? God what will lead me to You? Father, open up to me that I may not have this distance between us.

Have you ever felt like God has left you especially doing this year and all that is going on. I know I have and that is why I wrote this letter because God had seemed so far from me. I just could not feel His presence. But what I had learned was I was too focus on the world events to take time to even feel God let alone hear Him. The steps I took to change this turn the noise off that is happening in this world and start listening to my heart again and that’s when I discovered God is not that far away, I was hiding Him with what I was focus on. I knew that had to change to feel My Savior near. Want to feel God? Simply turn away from the noise of this world and tune into the Heavenly Spirit

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