Happy Me 5763

Photo by JTMultimidia on Pexels.com

The Challenge

How many of us have tried to solve the Rubik’s cube, we turned that thing in every possible direction and still come up empty. We have aske family and friends to help us and to no avail we just could not get those colors together but we remain persistent and keep at it and if any of you are like me it became on big headache. So you through it to the side and found something else to occupy our minds unless you are that genius that figure it out then throw it in the corner. Well that is how life is sometime you try every thing in your power to figure out the twist and turns and to no avail nothing changes. You move one thing to the side and then try something because the challenges life bring is just like the Rubik’s cube. Just when you think you have it figure out the colors just don’t blend. So what do you do? Keep twisting and turning until something falls into place. But unlike the Rubik’s cube we can not throw our lives into a corner and walk away. We just have to find a way to get through these challenges the best we know how without losing our minds, like so many of us did trying to figure out how to get all the colors on that cube to blend. Life is a challenge but like this Rubik’s cube you have to keep at it until you master it.

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