Happy Me5763

I can not:

This is where the story begins I can not be no more than what I am, I can not see my future because I constantly lived in the past. I can not see the beauty in myself because someone once told me I was ugly. I can not fulfill my dream because I do not have enough belief in myself to even try. I fought with my own insecurities and yet I can not find the answer. I can not be the best me because sometimes I don’t know who she is. I can not move mountains because I am too busy living in the valley. I can not say I am strong because looking at others lives make me weak. I can not find life because I am too busy letting it pass away. I can not accept defeat today because God has built me to be better. I can not accept that failure will always be part of my life when I know that success is easy to achieve if I push me to be better. Do not let ”can not” hold you back because it can and it will.

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