Happy Me 5763

Good Evening Everyone,

I pray your day is going well and you get to relax a little on this Saturday afternoon. As for myself I have no complaints just thankful God has allowed me to be on this earth just one more day. Today is just a free talk day nothing special going on just wanted to check on every body and hope all is well. I myself have not done to much. I am trying to decide what do to braid my hair before my husband’s mother funeral. I really am glad that I hat an opportunity to share a little of her life. In way she reminded me of my mom. Strong, loved her family, supportive, loving and yes my mom loved the Lord just as Miss. Shirley did. Those were two strong women. I will never forget the day that my mother’s husband passed away in the room with my mom in the bed, my mom had (MS) she was unable to get to the door so the fire department could get in and help her. I bet that seemed like hours to her but God must have given her the strength to endure those few minutes. I once told her either she was a strong woman or she had everyone fooled. I find the first to be true. My mom had buried 3 of her children before she had passed and I know that was a lot on her but in all that she remain strong and I pray like my mom and Ms. Shirley I have that same strength in me. Love you all and it’s nothing you can do about it.

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