Happy Me 5763

You Are:

You are confident and it shows in your walk.

You are successful because of your failures.

Your are beautiful because your discovered your self worth.

You are determined because life hands you nothing.

You are grounded because your floated to long with no direction.

You are a child of God and no one can change that.

You are Michelle Denise Reed-Fitz and it took a long time for you to find her.

You are where you are today because you fought the negativity in yourself.

You are a beautiful woman who is able to succeed in what ever you.

You are a gift from God use your talents wisely.

You are, who you are and nothing can or will change that.

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I am a mother, wife, and grandmother, I truly enjoy the simple things in life such as birdwatching, spending time on the computer ,and love being around my family. My true passion is writing and it gives me to express myself when I verbally can not express what is deep inside me.

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