Starting from the beginning

Happy Me 5763

We must start from somewhere and it all begins with a vision you must see where you are going to get there. I started my dream way before I even wrote a sentence for a book or had a title. I know it my heart I would write a book just did not know the exact time. I remember when I told my mom I was going to write a book and she said you can do it. My only regret is she did not live long enough to see that happen. But once I got started it was my reality that this vision has become a complete book with a title and beautiful cover. I dreamt it, work hard, trust the direction God was leading me on. I create this work day in and day out, times I wanted stop but in the back of my mind I would hear “You got this” do not give up now. I pushed on and finished my book that it became a great day. Remember you start somewhere and if so start with that vision and make it a reality.

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