Happy Me 5763

Why did you write your book?

Simply Me

Why did I write my book? I could come up with many answers but I am going to make it short.

Reason #1: I really needed to find my faults in my relationship with God and why I could not commit my whole being unto Him.

Reason#2: I needed to find my own beauty and confidence.

Reason#3: Why was I failing so badly in my life?

Reason#4: I needed to know if I started this book I had the ability to finish it.

Reason#5: I learned that I was the only hold back for my dreams.

Reason #6: Most importantly I had to believe in myself even if no one else would.

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I am a mother, wife, and grandmother, I truly enjoy the simple things in life such as birdwatching, spending time on the computer ,and love being around my family. My true passion is writing and it gives me to express myself when I verbally can not express what is deep inside me.

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