Happy Me 5763

You Are Not Alone:

I want to let you know about a young lady who felt nothing for herself, she always tried to live other people lives. She was an empty shell walking around life pretending because it made her feel good. There was no emotions and to consider herself special and unique was out of her head. She never took the time to realize what special person she really was up until now. It all started with a book, yes a book. She did not just wrote a book but she found herself. The beauty that was deep in her, the self-esteem that had been crying for relief for years, the talent that she buried so deep in her finally showed up. Now how can you asked what took this lady so long to find herself? I will answer that for you because that girl is me. I lost who I could be many years ago, and I struggle to get to this point until I realized one thing if you have a dream, believe in it, and if you believe in it you can build it and that is how I found myself, I had to believe in me first before I could become me. Will end it here next blog coming soon.

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