Happy Me 5763

I Missed You All:

I really missed you guys.

I know it has been awhile since I had made a blog but I was busy handle life. I have to realize that life has so many compartments and you just have to put them in order. But that is the challenge that I love about my life. Putting everything in order and working at each piece at the same time. It is something I had to wait at this age to figure what life means to me but that is okay, I am good with it. So here are a few things I have been dealing with, one working on my nest project, to packing to move into my HOME, three painting my new Home and preparing it for the holidays, spending a little time with family, and trying to give my husband a little more attention because I am busy as a bee and will be until the first of November hope to have everything done except my second project. Because I really want to decorate for the holidays. But with all that said I want you all to know I have not forgotten about you all and love you just as much as I have missed you. I pray my next break won’t be this long again. God loves you and so do I and there is nothing you guys can do.

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