Writing is a passion that relieves me from all that I hold inside. It frees my mind and soul. I am able to express myself in ways I can not explain, what my mind goes through once I became to write. I said maybe you are expressing yourself so boldly and people will judge you. But what I realize what I write about is what many of you won’t face. So you keep it bottle up inside and the truth is never relieved. So what I do is write for you because our situation are almost alike the biggest problem we have is our we handle them. So writing has become my escape route which I take everyday to set myself free.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Writing is very therapeutic. I do find that it allows one to release words that might not be spoken. Some things may be uncomfortable for the speaker to actually say since everyone deals with things on their own time. Sometimes there may be things we have to process and work through before we are able to admit out loud or verbally share with others.


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