I has been over a week since I last wrote my emotions have been everywhere and I really do not know which direction I should be going. It is something how one event in life can change your whole demeanor on life. Prior to my son passing away, I thought I had everything under control and ready to start building my book into a business but I let my guard down and instead of moving forward. I stop and time is something I will never get back. So what I have to do is work harder in remembrance of my son because I know he would want me to carry on. It is not easy if you have not faced your emotions and dealt with them and this is where I am today. Fighting through the grief, pain, unsure, and the hurt I felt when his stepmom had a funeral and was not truthful about it. So I had to be reminder how Children of God are suppose to act no matter the situation. Thank God for His angels. Please pray for me as I continue on this journey. I know it will get better and I will move forward. Let’s talk how have you or having now dealing with the lost of a love.

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