There is joy in your tears

I know this may sounds crazy to some but I have learned this during this difficult time. That there is joy in my tears and I did not realize it until I start thinking about all the joy my son had brought into my life. I remember one particular time he asked me if I was busy because he wanted to talk to me about something and I told him I was not. So he came to the house and we went into the kitchen where he began to talk and I was fixing us a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pepper and I believe I put a little relish on it if I am not mistaking. So we talk and ate the sandwich, Mike always called me Mom Dukes and said this is the best turkey sandwich I had ever eaten, I laugh and said, son I did not do anything special, but I guess the conversation and time together made it taste that way to him. So now I realize with all the tears I have shed the joy comes in the memory and love that will always be in my heart. Forever loving you son.

From your

Mom Dukes.

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