It’s Not Just Me

I know it is not just me who have felt the lost of my son so I must mention some special people who also meant the world to him and are dealing with the same emotions I am dealing with but as a family we will get through this.

First my eldest child- Rochelle Robinson, we have travel many roads to together, life has sometimes been unfair to us but what keeps me going is the ability you have to keep me uplifted, the encouragement you give me but most of all is when you say, Mom I got you it bring so much joy to my heart and then it is your ability to put aside your problems and be there for me. Thanks Chelley forever loving you.

Love Your


Then there is Juanita Jones words cannot begin to express the hurt you felt and what you went through. I know your emotions was everywhere but there is one thing I love about you is the ability to be an overcomer and simply being you. I know this journey we have to face now won’t be easy but I know the love that you had for Mike will last for eternity. Thank You for being such a beautiful woman and always being there for me. I love you much, never change thanks for being that strong anchor for me and your children.

Love Your


To my youngest child Darcel Whitaker, I know you always believed that you was the baby and that’s ok but Mike took your place and now he is gone and that makes you unofficially the baby. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most and I love you for that alone.

Love Your


To the rest of Mike nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, and cousin, we knew that this moment would come but we just did not think so soon, so as you to shed your tears remember this we are in this on together. Thanks to all for the love and support shown to this family by you.

Eternally Grateful

The Family

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