My beauty I will behold

Today I will be writing about something totally different from what you have been hearing from me. It is my beauty, not the outside beauty although that is not to bad, but the beauty I have within me. the beauty that makes me so much different from everyone else, the awesomeness I feel deep in my, the ability to overcome so many situations, how I found the confidence and strength to be a better me. How I feel inside of me something that I thought would never happen to find my own beauty. To find me and be happy with her, no longer comparing myself to others, no longer wanting to be them. I find something that has been inside of me for years; I just did not know how to make it a reality. But first I had to find me and see that I am worth it all, I am me and the beauty that I behold is because God has allow me to find me at the of 57. My beauty I will behold no matter where I am or who I be with.

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