2020 what a year. When this year started all I could see was a bright start to the even number year. So up to March it seemed pretty normal and I began to set my goals for the year and work on them. But then March 2020 came in like a lion and has not cool her heels. Who would have guess that so many of us would see such a drastic change in our lives. Well the family members that have been lost is unspeakable, the hardships we face is unbelievable, the jobs lost is historical I could go on on. The tears that have been shed this year could fill up a lake and yes this was all bad. But let’s flip the script for a moment and let me tell you some happy news. I went through a rough patch last year and I just wanted to give up, but God was preparing to take me somewhere I just need to weather the storm and I did and let me tell you yes I have lost a son but God has continue to show up in my life while I know others are going through something. I went through the storm to find my rainbow I wish I could tell you how God has blessed me in this pandemic. I want to share some goodness with you all. God is not punishing us He is preparing us just, we just need the faith to hold on. Trust me even in the storm God is working and He has done some wonderful things for me in 2020.

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