What is your Mountain

Today’s is a great day to find out what is your mountain? What is stopping you from moving on? What is your fear? What keeps you from accomplishing all that life has to offer. Well let’s start with the scenario, every mountain has a bottom before to climb to the top to enjoy life’s beauty. So let’s began at the bottom, you must be willing to start from the bottom in order to conquer any problem. So whatever it is you are facing start from the bottom and work your way slowly to the top because if you go to fast you will exhaust yourself too soon and won’t enjoy the beauty ahead of you. As for myself, I start slow because I don’t want to move too fast and miss something on my way up. I take baby steps because I learn more when I face a problem head on an slow. I see my mountains as part of God’s guidance for my life and it must not be rushed. I realized as I began to climb up the view becomes more clearer and my mind is excited about getting to the mountain top, because then I realized what beauty and hope that was waiting for me. So when I get through whatever mountain I face and I see the top I rejoice because God has brought me through every step I took to see the mountain top. So what is your mountain? I say again start at the bottom because there is a lot to discovery from bottom to top.

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