Hope-A feeling of expectations and desire for a certain thing to happen.

I must say yes 2020 has been of year of the unexpected, I must say it has tested my faith. but the one thing I had to learn was to have HOPE, that there are better days ahead, God is in control, and not to lose my mind in all the events that are happen in the world today. But what I have done was put my focus back to God because He is my hope and in Him I will be safe and secure. I can look forward to all His promises and a better future ahead. When I put my hope in God I am saying Lord you will fulfill all my emptiness that I am longer for in these uncertain days. My hope is that God will provide me with all the love, faith, joy, happiness that my soul needs to be at peace in a world that has lost their hope in God. Jesus is my hope and that is all I need to remember at this point in my life.

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