The Goodness of God

I know what you saying, here she goes again something is going wrong in her life and she wants to vent. Yes, you are almost right. Today my heart is lead to speak on the Goodness of God in these sobering times. Because when you take a look back on your life and think of all the trials and tribulations God has delivered you from you know He is still near. Today should be a day when there is joy in your soul because if He delivered then He will do it again and again. What makes you think He does not have you under His wing of protection. So here it goes, if you awoke this morning and still here now praise Him, If you ate breakfast today and eating tonight praise Him, If you walked out of your house today and walked back in unharmed praise Him. Child let me tell ya’ll something I truly can go on and on with this one. When I just think about God’s goodness I get so excited, my fingers move like a train because I want to get out my head all that God has bless me with. Yes, like you I have shed tears this years, had a few obstacles but compare to what God has also done for me in 2020 those situations are minor. Because my God has shown His goodness towards me and I am thankful.

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