The Joy of Eight:

The joy of eight-my wonderful grandchildren, my world. I know I have talked a lot about my children and my life but here is the other joy that keeps me going. Yes, I am a grandmother of eight wonderful grandchildren and Lord knows these grandbabies keeps grandma living. There ages are 21, 19, 18, 14,14, 14,13, and 12 if I have it right. I did not know such a a beautiful gift from God would bring me so much joy in my life. I have watched as they have grown from babies to teenagers and young adult and they still make there grandma laugh. I get so much joy in seeing these babies even if it is for just a brief moment. I tell you these I am glad I am a grandma it the other half of my life that makes it all worth the living.

Here are just a few of those joys.

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