Saying goodbye to 2020:

Saying goodbye to 2020:

Saying goodbye to 2020 it has been an usually year. January, February, and part of March started out pretty normal, then in the middle of March life began to change. The world was hit with a pandemic, that has claimed many lives thus far, but it has not been all bad for me. I did lose my son my life will never be the same. As we realize 2020 has been different, it came with a lot of pain, a lot of social changes, zoom became a way of visiting, online shopping hit a high, and many are struggling just to make ends meet. But I will say God has been more than good to me doing this difficult time, I have not been hungry, without lights, or without money. God has supplied all my needs. So as I began to say goodbye to 2020 I will look at how God’s grace and mercy has kept me. I know many want this year over with but what I want to say is Thank You God for keeping me in such an uncertain times. I have no resolution or grand plans I am just going to let God have His way and continue to be my GATEKEEPER. Pray you have a blessed and bountiful NEW YEAR.

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