2020 Memories

I know we have had some difficult times lately but what I want to share with you all are some of my best memories of 2020 and they start with just a few of my favorites:

  1. The ten dollars you see in my book is from my first book sale; I was so excited and bless with this talent. More to come.
  2. The Be-be bag and jacket came from my daughter Juanita for a birthday gift I am enjoying this gift up to this day.
  3. We lost my mother-in-law in September 2020 but the family find time to take that beautiful picture for more great memories.
  4. Henry my husband eating is one of the many places we go Waffle House and it was good.
  5. My how time flies looking at my handsome son( whom I lost in October but his love remains deep in my heart) and his sisters I love them deeply.
  6. IT’s cold out here Christmas 2020 and we decided to take this picture, family love.
  7. My granddaughter Ni’asia made this beautiful star and Da’Maya made this Christmas card they knew how to get to grandma.
  8. Before all the Christmas decorations are taken down I must take one more picture.
  9. I love this picture with me sitting in the middle of my grandbabies is a little older that 2020 but it has special meaning to me.
  10. Then there is three generations and what a proud moment for my husband as he is with son Henry 3rd and Henry 4th. Share your memories with me.

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