The Life in Me

The life in me has many stages, there were times when I truly wanted to give up, times the tears would not stop falling, times when the hurt seemed to be normal for me, times when love was just as far away like heaven, The life in me seem to be non-existing, the moments to be happy were no longer there. I at one point had no life in me. Life has always been different for me, to be honest for quiet a while I did not like anything about me, I felt like I was a waste of birth but then God knew this and place some wonderful angels in my life my babies, I tell you when a child is brought into your life everything changes, and that is what happen to me; these babies gave me the life my soul needed so badly, they became the life in me. I can not express how life change when all four of them became a very important part of it, there is no words to explain but what I will say Thank You, God for these angels that put the life in me

Rochelle R. Robinson

Juanita E. Jones

Darcel T. Whitaker

and always in my heart Michael C. Evans 3rd

They are my life and the reason I am who I am today and will always be, because they are the life in me.

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