I want to share one of my letters from my book titled 100 Letters to God: My Christian Journey in Jesus Christ because we all need a little inspiration.

Letter 92: Let Us Thank God

God, I am excited that You have been so good, that my heart is overflooding with joy for this. I am so thrilled for all that You have ever done for me, whether it was for my good or not. Let me think about all the ways things could have ended up it had not been for the Lord on my side. How would I eve found peace in my world of confusion? I just don’t know. Thank God for all my past blessing, His Grace and Mercy, protection, and honor that I won’t let it go void. Glory to God, who always been there for me even when I walked away from Him. I could have faced death twice on the the highway but covered me with Your hand of protection, Thank You, again. When sorrow hit me, God has never left me, Thank You. When my burdens became more than I could bear, The Lord was there, Thank You. I want to say Thank You, God not for what You can do but for all the times I survived. I know I do not deserve God’s goodness, but He continues to show His Grace and Mercy towards me. You have been my comforter in every area of my life and I want to say Thank You. So today seems like a good day not to ask for anything, but Thank You for everything while I am able. So stop what you are doing and thank God for carrying you under His wings for protection. He deserves that much. Praise God now for all the goodness shown in your life, whether past or present. Knowing God is great and worthy of all our praise, no matter the circumstances.

Sincerely Yours, MDR

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author Michelle D. Reed-Fitz

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