Have you just woke up one morning to just take in the beginning of the new day. Birds starts with a song, the silence of no traffic, morning coffee is brewing and the freshness of it starts the senses to going. It is the start of something fresh and new, we know there is a lot going on in our world but for a moment peep out your front door and just listen and feel the morning sun on your skin. Let the worries you are facing for today decrease as you absorb what God has created for us to enjoy. We can always start something fresh and new each day we are alive and it start with opening your eyes and really take in what could be the start of something fresh.

Love you,



  1. Lanita Douglas says:

    I love these thoughts you have going it is truly refreshing


    1. happyme5763 says:

      been off for a while but I am back love you


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