Thinking about my Granny

Silver grey hair is how I remember my Granny full of love and inspiration who could sew and outcook most. My Granny could not carry a tune in a bucket (lol) but I THANK YOU JESUS seem to be the song she wanted to sing the most and shout on that one leg. One of the memories I had of Granny is when had had my first daughter and Granny was legally blind and shadows was all she could recognize but when I handed her Rochelle she told me she could see her face and then she said, Rochelle smelled good too. Granny then said keep her smelling like this because you never know who wants to hold her. I don’t know why I am thinking about my Granny today because it has been some years since she was called by God, but I guess I wanted to share this. Love yall.

I love that song Better Days.


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