Dear Mom,

Your smile does not show what you had went through, your strength was undeniable, facing life a challenge, trying to raise children the best you could determine. But now that your are no longer with me every word you have spoken has become my treasure, your wisdom unobtainable, how you handle life was incredible, it has been over 8 years since you left me, but the advice you gave me is buried deep in my soul, the strength you had, I try my best to copy. Your relationship with God, I wish I had. Only you and God knows how hard life was to you, but by this smile you had no problems. Now that I am older I see exactly what you have been trying to teach me as I observe my family today. Mom nothing will every bring you back but I have learned you loved me and that you believe in me, I was just to immature to see it then, but I promise you MOM, I see it now. Love yall.

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