Letter 4: Always There

Friends may disappear, some family members won’t understand, and others will just walk away. But it’s God, who will always be there for me. You had never left my side even when I strayed from You. You have been the bright presence in my life, and just want to say, Thank You. Let no one deceive you that God is real. I know Him as my protector, provider, healer, lawyer, my lifeline, and my best friend. If you will obey all His commandments, you will find that this God will be at every stage of your life also. I hide in God because He is a safe place to be. His presence is just a whisper or prayer away, seek Him, and you will find Him. I am God who never sleeps nor slumber, nor am I the one who ever slacks on my obligations. I am everlasting to everlasting God, no need to search for me; because I will always be there. Love yall.

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