The Flower:

The flower is does not speak but when given to an individual it speaks volumes, it has no fashion show but its beauty is to be behold. A flower can bring us together for any occasion, it brings our emotions to surface and can start a great conversation. Sitting in a vase alone brings beauty and comfort to the air. A flower that was made by God with all it beauty and colors are one of God’s best gift to mankind, if you don’t believe me go and find one and present it to someone and watch the magic it brings to the soul with just that simple flower. I am enjoy all of these photos of God’s gift.

Love yall


  1. Deborah says:

    I guess one could say… flowers speak a language all their own. A conversation of their own yet they don’t need an interpreter..because the interpretation is soley up to the beholder or the receiver. Absolutely beautiful words pretty lady. And great images as well!!


    1. thanks love the revision of this


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