Oh, that four letter word LOVE, how it can really change a person, situation or atmosphere, how it touches your soul. Love can make all bad things look good, it can heal a broken heart, it will make you feel different inside, love has a way of bringing the wonders out of us. Think about it, only four letters but the power behind that word and what it can do if one is open to receive it. Love shown to anyone can have them rethink their actions in life. When real love is in the air, it can be contagious, it can make people change, flowers grow and life worth living if one will accept it. Today with so much going on lets take time to show the love that is in all of us. We can do this by passing it on in every thing that we do. Let’s just start by telling someone you have not told in a while that you love them and watch their reactions and this is how we can make tomorrow better.

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