Family the gift God has given us, such a precious gift. The Family, is a unit of love, growth, trials, tribulations, good times, sorrow times, celebrating and at times not even speaking. But no matter what a family goes through that unit has the ability to conquer the worse of the worse problems and still remain a powerful family unit. But I will speak about my family each of them are unique in their own special way, but know when to come together for each other, the trials and tribulations we have face is incredibly but we never gave up on each other. This last year may have been hard, but we must remind each other we can make it through this season. The joy I receive from my family is unexplainable, these moments and memories that I keep close to my heart. When one of us cries we all cry; when one of us struggle we all struggle because we realized no matter what happens in this life we are all we have. My family means so much too me that it will not be explain in this blog, but I pray they know how much there love keeps me going. The family is a bond that is not easily broken, because we have a love that bonds us together. Love Ya’ll

In Memory of the following:

Arlene V. Walker- My mom

My sisters: Rosalie Walker- Zoe Robinson- Andrea Walker

William Robinson: My Dad

Jerry Ratchford: My stepdad

Michael Evans 111: My son

Howard Reed: My Late Husband

Shirley Wilson-Fitz: My Mother-in-Law

Although these family are no longer here they still hold such a special place in my heart even today. I love you, all but I miss you more. And to any other family members I have lost along the way.

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