Our blankets have so many uses, we swaddle our babies with them, on a cold day we chose a throw blanket instead of grabbing a comforter, when the winter comes in we prefer a goose down blanket for the extra warmth, or during our summer months we prefer a lighter spread, and if you have a pet to try that favorite blanket to keep him warm also. But we never think of, is that some of these blankets we have can be either too hot, too thin, not quiet the right fit, we get under them then we get from under them, our minds just don’t know what to do with these blankets. But have you every compare your favorite blanket to some of your life situations? Well, I guess I will start, the blanket I have on my bed now is how I see myself. It is brown and black with a special warmth to it, it is not to heavy or to light, it is just right for this season, so it will remain on my bed for a minute, and that is how my life is right now it is okay nothing heavy on my mind. My blanket offers me a since of security when I am under it and that is how my blanket fits in my life right I have a sense of security something I have not felt in a long time. What does your blanket say about you? leave me a comment don’t be shy. Love Ya’ll

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