I know we are all different we come in many shades, share different values, love differently, teach differently, and live different; I could go on and on about us being different. But because we are different does not mean we can not make a difference to someone else, in a world that is full of so much negativity why can’t we come together to make a difference in someone life. We can start by doing the simple things in life, like telling someone, have a good day, or ask is there anything I can do for you? Perhaps we can pay for someone’s grocery, or buy them a tank of gas. I was always told that the simple things done in life can go a far way and have a lasting memory. Let’s start by not talking about the negativity and spread more joy and happiness throughout the day. Remember a small change can make a big difference in a sadden world. Come on everyone let’s get together and make a big difference in this world we live in by starting with the small stuff. I love you all so dearly and that is why I end my blogs with love ya’ll. Love yall.

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