Unique-It is who I am

Yes, it is me and it has been too long again; letting the distraction of life keeping me from being in contact with you but never the less I am. My post today will be about my uniqueness and why I love I am different.

The way I see things are so far from others that at times it scares me, how I handle my life would shock others, I face challenges on ways no one could believe, but I guess that is why I am so different. I embrace my differences because I chose not too be like everyone else. To relieve my problems I love to write because it empties the drama that goes on in my head. I laugh when I know I should be crying, I hide my hurt so others won’t see my real pain. I am unique in all my ways, thoughts, and actions. I am a simple me trying to acknowledge I will never be anything else. Don’t worry if you are not like everyone else because that is your uniqueness showing, accept, believe and love your differences. Love you and thanks for supporting me through this year.

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