I am just going to start out this way chapter 58 of my life has been filled with so many emotions, I could not figure who I was or where I want to go in this chapter of my life. People say your life has many stages and they each come with a purpose and a lesson but too be honest y’all I still have not figure out am I living chapter 58 on a purpose or the lesson. I had put aside many ambitions and dreams to waste my mind on things that has gotten me anywhere. I have lost a lot of valuable time from August 2021 to this very point and now it is time to get back on track and be that strong and be the go-getter I once was. I do not know when I lost focus or put my dreams on hold. But today is the day to pick up the pace especially if I am planning for my future. I am not ashamed to say I lost me for the sake of nothing, I always love to write because it would empty my mind and clear my heart and that I have also put aside. Lord willingly when I turn 59, I will learn why chapter 58 was such a mess for me. Better, brighter days are just around the corner. With March being Women’s month, I found this a perfect time to get back to the women. Love y’all and I mean it.

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